Google Music Goes Live in the Cloud

Google has dipped into musical endeavors with the launch of Google Music in mid-November. Originally, the service launched back in May in a beta version. Launched as a suite of music services, it is quite obvious that this is Google’s attempt to take on Amazon and iTunes in cloud and other music storage space.

Introducing Google Music

Although it is rumored that Google has been attempting to secure partnerships with four major record labels, currently, Google Music simply allows users to store their purchases and upload other files to their music cloud.

Advantages and Issues

Google Music has seems to have its own pros and cons.

  • There are two different sites. The Google Music site is the library and player. However, you must purchase the music on the Android Market.
  • Google Music will automatically back up most music files including iTunes. As you do the intitial set up, Google Music will prompt you to upload any previous music files you have. iTunes, Windows Media Player libraries, or any other folder you designate.
  • Many Android devices now have full support for Google Music, some have not even mentioned creating it yet. Since one of Google Music’s main selling point is its ability to replace iTunes services, this could pose quite a problem for many Android users.
  • Although there is no official app for the iPhone, users can enjoy Google Music services on iOS devices. A pleasing surprise is that even their site is formatted properly to be easily viewable and easy to navigate on iPhone view screens.
  • Without a doubt, there is loads of free music. However, you will need to share your credit card info with Google just to get the free tunes.
  • You can share only the songs you have purchased to Google Plus.

Regardless of your choice in digital music stores, now may be a good time to get in on what Google Music and their shop has to offer you.


Klout Influence in the Music Industry with Spotify

Spotify, an award winning online music service that stormed Europe is now available to users in the United States. Partnering with Klout, a form of social media influence measurement, Spotify has offered limited invitations to their new US services.

Although the Spotify invites are rare, they are being extended to Klout users who have shown the most social media passion about music, entertainment, and relating technologies. Since these are the exact viewers that Spotify wanted to reach, this has certainly proved itself to be another great partnership for Klout, the Klout Perks program, and its users.

Users who receive a Spotify invite can expect to receive, based on interest and Klout ratings, access to free trials of the music service itself, as well as a free month of Spotify’s most premium service if the members of their own communities sign up for Spotify.

Get Signed Up

If you want to have any shot at all of getting hooked up to this great new service, visiting the Spotify/Klout sign up is the first important move. Signing up is as easy as integrating your Twitter or Facebook accounts with one click on the sign up page. From there, if your account is rated as influential in industries relating to music, a free trial version of the music service may be offered. However, if new to any of the services, or if you have not previously made a habit of tweeting or sharing your passion in music, you may have to build your influence in those areas before you can expect an invite to be forthcoming.

Keep Trying

Spotify invites were so in demand in the first few hours after the release that Klout had to put a hold on passing out more invites for a while to be sure they did not cause their service, and servers, to be overwhelmed. In fact, Klout has actually had crash issues due to an overwhelming volume of users vying for this new Klout Perk. Spotify and Klout plan to continue handing out invites over the next few days.



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