Why Hubspot is the Best – and Worst Marketing Company on Earth

Don’t get me wrong. I love Hubspot. Wonderful people. Great software. A fine company to work for. Heck, I was even a special guest on HubspotTV. And they just raised a boatload of cash. They have a very bright future.

They also produce a ton of great content – blog posts, articles, tips, slide presentations.  They have great tools like Grader.com and similar offerings. They are growing incredibly fast. Want even more? Check out Why I believe in Hubspot.

That said, I’m shocked that almost no one has a bad word to say about them. Do some searching online and everyone spouts the party line.

I think Hubspot is like an annoying know-it-all.

Here are 3 reasons they are the worst marketing company on Earth.

The incessant nagging is tiresome

  1. If you have a smartphone, get ready for non-stop buzzing. It never ends. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Eventually you have to say “Enough already!”
  2. They repeat themselves endlessly
    How many times can you hear about Tivo, Caller ID and CAN-SPAM? They are a broken record. Their CMO, Mike Volpe has used the same slides over and over.
  3. They never remember who I am
    See some great content from Hubspot? Click the link. You are taken to a form to complete. Even if you’ve filled out dozens of forms, you have to do it again. In my mind, remembering who I am is basic business process. Heck, even Find New Customers, a small and thinly capitalized firm doesn’t do this. We remember you.

But don’t take my word for it. This article on Hubspot SEO and Social Media lessons takes them to task too. Or check out articles like “8 Ways to Instantly Improve Landing Page Quality.” I’m sorry Hubspot, but “instantly” is pure hyperbole. We all know that nothing in software is instant. And it is nothing like instant coffee.

Hubspot is, in my mind, a pretty young lady who looks very impressive. And she is intelligent and articulate. But ask you get to know her, you realize she is full of herself and won’t stop talking.

That’s HubSpot.



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Are Your Fans “Talking About This”?

Amidst the rash of new changes Facebook unveiled over the last two weeks, the changes to insights may be some of the most important for businesses.  Facebook’s own analytics system, called Facebook Insights, which provides Pages administrators important metrics with which to gauge their content and interactions.  These insights are available, for free, to every administrator of every fan page within Facebook.  And, up until now, the biggest metric business owners focused on was the all-important “Like”.

That is about to change, as Facebook has introduced several new metrics, one of which is “people talking about,” which appears underneath the number of people that “Like” your page.

Picture courtesy of www.facebook.com/smexaminer

 What does “People Talking About” measure?

This new metric will measure user-initiated activity related to the page, which will include posts to the wall by fans, how many posts are “liked”, how many posts receive comments, and whether posts are re-shared.  In addition, interactions such as answering a question posed to fans, mentioning the page within other posts, and even checking into your business will be included within this metric.

Why does “People Talking About” matter?

This new number is a true indication of just how “social” and interactive your fan pages are.  It is also a great motivator for businesses to strive to create consistent ant engaging content within their pages, which in turn will increase the number of people “talking about” their pages, thereby increasing that businesses reach and exposure.

Is there anything else I should know?

In addition to the new metric mentioned above, Facebook has also introduced two other new metrics, “Friends of Fans” and “Weekly Total Reach”.  These metrics are important for businesses to gauge reach and exposure, as the provide information about the number of friends their fans have, giving the business a better understanding of their reach, and “weekly total reach” provides administrators their actual audience, reflecting how many people have interacted with your page or mentioned your business.

How can your business best utilize these new “insights”?

As a small business owner, these numbers can only help you increase your fan engagement and the spread of your message.  Now you are able to see just how many people you are reaching, how many people you have the potential to reach, and how much engagement your posts and questions are receiving.  With this new information, you will be better able to target your message and adjust it to increase fan page interactions.  However, as always, without engaging content, none of these numbers will ultimately matter.

In the end, create engaging content, and your numbers will reflect that.

How will you use these new insights to increase engagement?  How will they help you focus your message?



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Traditional vs Social Media Networking with Wa.ag

The one thing that your business can likely never get enough of is networking. Why do we tend to let this vital aspect of business growth fall to the wayside? Traditional offline networking can be slightly awkward. Those who have never conversed are tossed together with nothing more than nametags to designate themselves from a mass, and possibly intimidating crowd. Usually participants come away with much confusion and many business cards, most of which are tossed aside.

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn also offer fabulous possibilities for businesses that take advantage of the connections possible through them. However, even though someone has been in ‘contact’ with others in relevant networks and niches, they may still be hesitant to refer those businesses to a friend or relation looking for a similar service. After all, they really still only know their online presence, and not likely their actual business practices.

Wa.ag Opportunities

Wa.ag members need only sign up to their site. There is no need to fill in a detailed profile or waste your valuable time here immediately. Once an offline event is scheduled in your area, Wa.ag will send you an email with a link to the event. Visiting the link will display the event and its vital details. Users are also given swag, or a benefit, for using their system. The GUI will allow the user to then RSVP on that event.

Once you have accepted an event, you are given a list of the attendees, so you can be free to start the conversation before the meeting. This can help to eliminate those awkward moments of old school networking where individuals have to strike up conversations without knowing a person’s interest or industry.

The Networking Opportunity Engine

Wa.ag helps business owners connect offline with professionals in their local area. This method of business networking can provide users with the opportunity to experience new venues around town, while helping to promote businesses and further networking opportunities.

The Business Opportunity Engine

Create your own special experiences to help attract new and loyal consumers. Hosting your own networking opportunity events through your business will allow owners to take advantage of slow periods without out-of-pocket costs.


Google AdWords: Call Metrics & Click to Call

Since Dec. 2010, Google has allowed placement of phone numbers in AdWords text body.  Their rational was that most people seeing the ad know they are one click away from the advertiser’s site, where they can find all the information without bothering anyone. They thought people would be unlikely to call instead of clicking the mouse.

Others thought that displaying a local phone number, especially if it is  for location based services such as a dentist, have their own benefits.

Google realized they might be losing money, if people do call instead of clicking on the ad, so they’ve added Call Extensions. Those are types of ad extensions that allow advertisers to include additional information about their businesses and specials in their text ads. Call extensions works differently whether or not you’ve enabled Call Metrics.

Call metrics allows advertisers to track phone calls that come from the ad. This is done by generating a specific phone number for this specific ad. With the popularity of mobile gadgets there’s a growing benefit for advertisers to receive calls from mobile users. In this platform, calls generated, duration of the call and the area codes of the callers are noted so advertisers will have information about the location of the calls. The Call Metrics is free to use, but by setting it up the advertiser started paying for the calls as they did for the clicks.

There are metrics available to see how effective it is and how many people call instead of clicking. If you did enable Call Metrics, Google assigned a custom phone number to the ad and displays it on both desktop and mobile devices. Vanity numbers (which include letters and numbers) are also allowed.

But In July 2011, Google announced click-to-call enhancement in AdWords ads which will affect charges for the ad. All non-clickable numbers in the ads will be converted to a click-to-call numbers, and they will start to incur extra charges when the number is clicked.

If you didn’t enable Call Metrics, your phone number will appear as a clickable phone number for users of smartphones using Google search, voice search, Google mobile apps or Google maps.

If you are using Call Metrics, and you have a phone number in your ad text, only the newly clickable phone number in you ad text will show. That is done to reduce confusion for users not knowing which number to click.

If you would like your Call Extension number to display, you need to delete your phone number from your ad. You will receive an additional line of ad text. The phone number will still be displayed without the need to take up text space.

If you didn’t use Call Extension and you have a phone number in your ad, it will convert to click-to-call automatically. You don’t have to edit your ad to make the phone number clickable. But, if you want to maximize your ad space, you should consider using Call Extension  to free up more space. You will be charged for the calls either way.


Social Networking Etiquette

When you begin to build your social media presence, you may notice that things you post, or quips you share tend to go unnoticed. It is not something you should take personally; just realize that is just a side effect to being a newbie on the social media scene. So how do you get the recognition you want, without getting the kind of attention you do not want?

Complete Your Profile

Completing your profile with the most relevant words and phrases describing you and your business to the best of your ability is of utmost importance, perhaps the most vital part of social networking. Not only does this show professionalism but it also puts your niche and its respective keywords on the social networking map. When others begin to search for networking opportunities, they will locate you solely due to the interests you list and the wording you choose in your profile. Take extra care to be sure that your profile is projecting what you want returned to you.

Like, +1, Share, Friend, Follow, RSVP, Retweet, @Mentions & More

You will need to take the first steps in interaction. Respond to those in your network by commenting on their post directly and by giving it whatever forms of proper acknowledgements the site you are using offers. Not only will this provide those on your list with the recognition they are looking for, but it also gets you on the radar of their friends as well. Like their post, Retweet it, Share important messages with your own network, and watch it begin to increase.

Love It! Mean It!

If you see someone post something that is of particular interest to you, read their post, view their video, and get a real feel for the perspective they are offering, even if it differs from your own. Then share your opinion on their topic by commenting in an informed manner. Highlight or quote portions of their posts in your own reply. Always take the humble approach when possible and be ready to return a reply to your own to show that you are truly interested in the topic, not just passing by.

Extend Yourself

To build and increase your own networks, you may need to do your own relevant searches and extend friend or connection request to complete strangers. Since this kind of communication can often be abused keep three very simple rules in mind and you should be fine.

  1. Do not request a connection suggesting someone buy your product or service.
  2. Explain why you desire the connection. Include similar interest or the desire to share and learn more in-depth industry or niche knowledge. If you share a common friend or follower, feel free to let the person know that is how you located their profile.
  3. Use proper grammar in your request. Do not use slang, acronyms, or any language that may be confusing or appear unprofessional.

Tweet Others the Way You Want to Be Tweeted

In general, treating others the way you would like to be treated is always a good rule. On social networks, this is more important than ever. Do not use your social networks when you are angry, inebriated, or exhausted. Social networking may not even be as forgiving as daily life situations. Although on some networks, you may even be able to delete a nasty post or a rude rant, you may not be able to delete the impressions of it that others have made if they commented or shared it with others.

The only way to make your presence known on the vast and endless space that are social networks, is to dedicate the time, energy, and effort it takes to cultivate a network of attentive, helpful, and successful folks in your own industry or niches. Be sure to keep up with your own social presence and educate yourself on the methods in which you can continue to expand your reach.


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