Launches Their Relationship Management Service for Twitter

Weeks ago, extended a few initial pre-launch accounts for some social media educational business’s, such as DBMEi, they have announced their official roll out date for their Twitter management service. On June 5th, at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in NYC, they will officially release the tool to the public. From an initial testing phase point-of-view, the tool is a smooth running and user-friendly option for Twitter management that can definitely help private users or marketers alike more fluidly aggregate their most highly desired content.  Sharel Omar, CEO and Co-Founder of shares that,

“Social media has become instrumental in maintaining all kinds of business relationships; with customers, prospects, partners, and more.”

Most social media marketers can attest to the validity of Omar’s statement. So what do you use to manage all of the most vital information coming in and going out of your Twitter account every day, week, month? Well, there is certainly no shortage of helpful tools, so what does bring to the table? Focus developers wanted to focus directly on turning the stream-oriented feed of Twitter into your own personal relationship-oriented dashboard.

  1. can help you achieve stress-free social productivity. While many other Twitter feed tools and services provide you with an endless stream of messages, helps to analyze your relationships with your followers and allows you to focus on the most relevant people to your interests, not their statuses.
  2. Focus more on high value members and influencers that can help your staunchest supporters spread your message, drive awareness to top influencers, engage member, and create potential leads.
  3. Create actionable insights to help build more meaningful relationships with your Twitter community including a full-engagement history as well as yours and your networks most used hashtags, as well as suggestions on who to follow or who to re-engage with.

With users can read over the feeds of the recent activities of top influencers and supporters and even prioritized engagements.

  • provides a complete relationship context with all of your engagements with any member in one smooth thread.
  • Users have the chance to and the suggestions to discover new leads and quickly make them new Twitter followers. Users can see some of the top engagers of their followers list as well, allowing them to branch out a bit more than many other Twitter management programs currently provide.
  • Easier management via may give some of those small business marketers some of their valuable time back with the ability to star followers for quick access, find members by names or bios, hide those you are not interested in, or even unfollow extremely inactive members.

All in all, the tool is a well-rounded, well-oiled machine by managing and prioritizing incoming engagements, providing users with relationship context in a quick glance, and recording and archiving valuable relationship history with each and every one of your followers.

Special bonus to DBMEi Subscribers:

Although the service is launching publicly in a week, we will be metering access for the first month or so. DBMEi subscribers can get in now, however, using this unique invite link: (for the first 100 only).

The early-bird price of Pro tier – only $4.99 a month – will continue to apply to any user who registers and upgrades to Pro before the public launch at BlogWorld & New Media Expo NYC. After the public launch, the price will go up to $9.99 a month. So DBMEi subscribers can benefit from registering early!


@BasilPuglisi is the Executive Director and Publisher for Digital Brand Marketing Education ( Basil C. Puglisi is also the President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc. A Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that manages professional and personal branding for Fortune 500 CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers and Small Business Owners.


A New Kraze has Arrived. Meet LifeKraze.

When Facebook and Twitter were first launched, it’s safe to say that a collective thought went through everyone’s mind: “Why didn’t I think of that?” As LifeKraze enters the realm of social media, I believe that question will be whispered once again by a majority of the population.

If you haven’t heard of LifeKraze yet, you will soon. The beta version was launched to the public in March 2011 and has since built a strong group of followers. Their current team consists of 10 employees and is based in Chattanooga, TN, surrounded by mountains and rivers, making it a perfect “active” base.

What is LifeKraze?

It begins with one simple question, “What have you done?”

I spoke with the co-founder and CTO of LifeKraze, Michael Brooks, Jr., in order to step into the mindset of LifeKraze: “If Facebook is what you are, Twitter is what you say, then LifeKraze is what you do.”

The idea is that people need motivation in order to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. “Our entire idea was based around encouraging others, because with a little motivation, and people cheering you on, you can achieve anything,” comments Brooks.

LifeKraze helps to create this motivation through a social media platform. It is a community of people that all have similar goals, whether it is losing 10 pounds or writing a chapter in that book you’ve always wanted to write, the goal of the community is also the slogan of LifeKraze, “Live like it counts”.

Not only does the community help to inspire you by giving words of encouragement and helping to hold you accountable for your goals, there are also reward points involved, which you can redeem for products. You receive 200 points daily, to be spread around to other people. For example, maybe someone posted that they helped a child in math today. If you like that action, you can reward them with some of those 200 points. In return, when you post an action that is admired by other users, they can reward you with points. Points can then be redeemed for various products from partners of LifeKraze, which so far include big names such as Reebok and PowerAde Zero.

Besides points, though, it really is the care and comments from other users that I believe is the gem of LifeKraze. The community really supports each other through comments. They really seem to care about each other. It’s what you need to keep yourself on track of your goals.

Where did the idea come from?

“Things really started to come together for us after we had our initial idea, but what drove us to really push to make this a business was providing a platform to encourage and motivate others to achieve their goals,” says Brooks. “We always had coaches and teammates to push us through our lives (through Sports) and when we graduated, we lost that.”

That is the power of LifeKraze. I asked Michael Brooks, Jr. about the response they’ve received from users since launching almost 2 years ago. One word he used to describe them was “unbelievable”. After reading them, I’d also add inspiring. One user signed up months ago and could barely make it around her neighborhood without being exhausted. She just ran her entire first half marathon. People have posted of losing 30-50 pounds since joining LifeKraze and using the platform to stay motivated. “People post about getting engaged, cleaning out their garages, and acing exams. The accomplishments are spread out from health, to fitness, to positive actions,” says Brooks.

In a world where healthy and active lifestyles are on the forefront of minds with shows like The Biggest Loser, a wide variety of health magazines, and an increasingly large amount of diet books on the shelves, LifeKraze seems to fill a gap. While we have all of the information and applications to be active, the motivational, community aspect was missing. Until LifeKraze.

“We care about what people are doing, and we want to provide a community and a platform that is always there for you, and we are always in season, encouraging and motivating you to do your best,” finishes Brooks.


Megan Campbell has a degree from Clemson University in Graphic Communications, and is currently living in Germany during a Gap Year abroad, working as an au pair and freelance writer. Her degree set her up for a great interest and knowledge of social media. You can find her on her blog, balancewithadashofcrazy, or contact her via email at meganecamp at gmail dot com.


The ABC’S of Networking Follow Up

Most of us have attended numerous networking events. We make it a point to meet and greet many people with the idea of building a relationship for potential business. So, why don’t we follow up?

How often after an event have you found yourself with a dozen or more business cards only to put them in or on your desk to collect dust. Weeks may go by before you look at them again and forget who they are or where you met them. Well, that is why, right off the bat I suggest to put your picture on your business card. It does help when people see your picture to remember who you are. That would be my first suggestion.

Next, I would suggest you ask yourself what your goals are. Are you going to these events to become a card collector? I know in some industries it’s a numbers game but then that is not really networking. Networking is about building relationships not necessarily transactions.

So many of us put so much time and effort into networking but fail to follow up. Did you know that follow up should actually begin shortly after the introduction? You should instinctively know during your conversation whether or not you would like to speak or meet with them again. (Remember don’t just look at them as a potential client but rather a potential referral source.) So, you might want to say something like “I really enjoyed speaking with you and would love to follow up with this conversation. Would you prefer I contact you via telephone or email?” At that time, they will either say:

  • Response A: “I enjoyed speaking with you as well but I am really busy right now – maybe we will run into each other again.” (meaning – they are not interested in networking with you) Keep in mind that doesn’t mean it’s over simply wait until you run into them again and let things happen naturally.
  • Response B: “The best way to reach me is via email or ….”

At this time, you may want to make some notes on the back of their business card to help remind you of some key points in the conversation for your follow up.

The only way to see the “ROI” on networking is by putting in the time. Successful people know the importance of a strong network.

According to Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI – offers 2 tips – 1 for networking and 1 for follow up meeting:

1. A one-page flyer – Have a brief overview of your business ready to pass along at all times in case you meet someone while networking who wants to quickly pass along your information to a prospective client he/she knows. You should have a hard copy to fax and an electronic copy to email.

2. Question-and-answer sheets – One of the quickest ways to learn about a person’s business as a networker, and for him or her to learn about yours, is to make the initial meeting as organized as possible. A sheet with questions that you can each ask each other can ensure you don’t forget to find out the information that could lead to a quick referral.

A great article to read, by Dr. Ivan Misner, is “Don’t make this networking mistake” He explains how to go for the “long-term relationship” and not the “short sale.”

Try to follow up from immediately to up to 72 hours while the person and conversation is still somewhat fresh in not only your mind but the other persons mind as well. Hopefully, during the initial conversation you did most of the listening this way you can offer something of interest to them based on things they have said. For example, they may have said they love golfing – so maybe you can let them know of a golf outing that is coming up or an interesting article you may have recently read about golfing. You want to look for a solution to a problem they may be having. Your follow up can include:

  • An article or a book you read
  • An expert opinion
  • A contact or introduction
  • An invitation to an upcoming networking event or target event
  • Refer to a commonality you both may have. For example:
  1. Could be You came from same town
  2. You share the same hobby
  3. You Vacationed at the same location
  4. Your both reading the same book

Just remember to be genuine and real and do not try to sell unless they showed an expressed interest in your product or service.

  • Visibility comes with being present.
  • Credibility grows during the follow ups.
  • Conversations create stronger relationships.

For a more personal follow up, which will help you stand out from the rest, send a personal handwritten note or a personalized card from

During the course of a conversation, you may want to ask if they utilize social media. You may request to connect on facebook. If that is too personal, ask if they have a business page that you can become a fan of or try connecting on linkedin. Start building the relationship before you actually need them. Suggest a date to meet explaining how you would like to know more about their business. People like to talk about themselves so be sure to ask open ended questions.

You need to feel out the person you are following up with. Be mindful of their time. Become someone they enjoy talking to. In order for your follow up to work you need to follow through. Remember it’s not about “chasing prospects” it’s about “building relationships”

There are guidelines or campaigns for your follow ups – one is reaching out with the 8 x 12 method – meaning – you reach out to potential prospect 8 times over a 12 week period which is more for a sales follow up. Networking follow up is a much longer process to building relationship that you hope to keep for most of your career.

You may want to break down the cards into 3 catergories:

  • Prospective clients
  • People you will refer to others
  • People who will pass referrals to you

As the saying goes “The Fortune is in the Follow up” speaking of which, there is a recently published book out by Heidi Sloss called “The Fortune is in the Follow up” I have not had the pleasure of reading it yet but I may soon.

To help you stay more organized with your contacts and follow ups there is a site called – it is a personal relationship manager that can help you organize and track personal & professional relationships. It is free to set up and free to use or you can upgrade to a premium package for a low monthly cost but it is not necessary.

Don’t forget to reconnect with old business relationships, clients / customers because they too can become a good referral source.

Appropriate and sincere follow up will ultimately lead to meaningful and fruitful relationships

Here is a great guide for sales follow ups – creating a great follow up with your clients in 7 simple steps by

Statistically speaking – for sales…..

  • 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect.
  • 25% of sales people make a second contact and stop.
  • 12% of sales people only make three contacts and stop.
  • Only, 10% of businesses make more than three contacts. This means they’re losing a small fortune.


  • 2% of sales are made on the first contact.
  • 3% of sales are made on the second contact.
  • 5% of sales are made on the third contact.
  • 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact.
  • 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.

Back in January, 2011, I wrote about Networking 101. This article is a follow up to networking 101 on how to follow up.


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Social Media and Your Small Business – One Online Holiday Shoppers Perspective

In thе раst 5 years, social media networking sites hаvе shifted frоm casual social networking tо bеіng serious tools fоr bоth large аnd small businesses tо promote, sell products, share ideas аnd engage аnd connect wіth thеіr client base.

The True Value of Social Media

I thіnk thе key wоrds hеrе аrе engagement аnd relationships. Wе’vе аll grown tired оf bеіng ‘sold to’, bombarded wіth ads (thоugh оf course it’s stіll аs prevalent аs еvеr, іf nоt mоrе sо). Аs customers, wе wаnt tо bе informed, аnd bе аblе tо connect wіth а product оr service. Social media gіvеs us thе perfect platform tо dо thіs. Іt rеаllу shоuld bе раrt оf аnу businesses online marketing plan, but not the only element by far.

For businesses, word оf mouth hаs аlwауs bееn powerful, but hаs bесоmе еvеn mоrе sо wіth social networking. Оnе оf thе main ‘concept abilities’ іs thе ability tо share up-to-date іnfоrmаtіоn easily аnd іn а concise wау. Оn social networking sites, іf уоu lіkе а product, people will knоw іt аlmоst instantly аnd оf course іf you’re unhappy thаt іnfоrmаtіоn will bе shared јust аs easily, аt thе click оf а button.

 Famous and Infamous Feedback

Another benefit іs thаt social media gіvеs clients аnd customers thе opportunity tо provide аlmоst іmmеdіаtе feedback tо thе business. I’ll be honest, I purchase almost every holiday gift I buy online, but not before reading many reviews, checking the businesses Facebook page or Google for red flags, or looking up their Twitter account to check their listening skills in case I have a problem later on.

How Can I Get My New Company Involved in the Listening Process?

The key іs tо kick start thе conversation process, participate bу creating relevant content уоur clients саn engage wіth, thеn lеt уоur clients pass іt on.

I’m nоt sауіng wе nееd tо shun traditional forms оf paid advertising, thеsе аrе stіll relevant, whаt І аm sауіng, іs companies whо choose tо tap іntо social media аnd engage wіth thеіr customers, wіthоut а doubt, dо better thаn thоsе companies whо rely оn mоrе traditional mеаns оf communication. Тhеsе аrе simply thе facts. When I am looking for the next online deal, I will definitely be measuring your social influence in my purchasing process. My next step is to see how many ways you are available for me to contact. I like to see a lot of ways to contact a business.

  • Email
  • Contact Page
  • Phone Number/s
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media Connections

And I really like to see connections like these functional, that’s major important too.

Engaging Your Prospective Consumers

All of the ways mentioned above are great ways to ensure an open and ready engagement process to your consumers. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can throw up links to these types of accounts and then ignore them, and by some magical property they will cause consumers to flow to you. Many are like me. They check. I will click your Facebook fan page, and I don’t expect to see a post every ten minutes, but I do want to see one from the past ten days. I understand your business may be small, and the good news is, it is exactly you I am looking for. Again, just like me, many people still prefer to buy from the little guy, even if that little guy is online and in another country.

In the very least, although I also understand that a small business owner may not be able to be everywhere, I do expect them to have enough foresight to set up alerts on their accounts and to monitor them. Someone like me is just one response away from making you their next new place to buy. When we start buying, we start sharing the fact that we do.

Make Facebook Marketing Work for You

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

So many organizations are now creating and utilizing Facebook for many of their social networking needs. With all of the recent improvements and upgrades for Facebook Fan Page creators, there certainly seems to be huge merit behind sinking your time, money, or both into a bit of Facebook marketing.

However, it is also important to understand the desirable methods of Facebook marketing as opposed to those strategies that, thankfully, someone else had to fail at for us to learn. The best way to perfect your marketing campaign is to consider the major do’s and don’ts of Facebook Fanpage management.

Facebook Marketing Don’ts

  • Use your Facebook Fan page for interacting, not for broadcasting. Although you may no doubt get your message across by spamming your account, and your friends list, with repetitive broadcasts and announcements about your company, interactivity is the key to a successful Facebook marketing campaign.
  • Invest sufficient time in the interaction you carry out on your page. Initiating a conversation and not participating it in is considered nothing more than slow, useless spam. Consumers interested enough in your brand want and deserve to be replied to on issues that concern them most.
  • Do not violate Facebook Terms of Use. Common violations include running contest that do not meet TOA’s and even unsolicited tagging is an abusive, reportable action.

Facebook Marketing Do’s

  • Complete your profile and add professional photos. Leaving any elements of your Fanpage profile blank will leave possible consumers wondering if you are as lax in product development and customer service.
  • Provide regular updates, ask fans for their opinions on your products or services, and create interactive polls, questions, and posts.
  • Be unique. Get creative and come up with trending ideas for new products and services.
  • Provide an interesting landing page. Make your landing page cause a user to “Like” your page, even if they normally would not.
  • Reward loyal fans and supporters. Providing those most loyal to your Fanpage a regular supply of rich rewards will not only keep steadfast viewers looking on, but may also encourage them to share the benefits they receive with their own friends and followers.

There are many tools available for those who have chosen to use Facebook Fan pages as a business marketing mainstay. No longer is Facebook mainly a college photo-sharing website, but more a bursting business network platform, making self-promotion, multimedia interaction, and advertising easier by providing one centralized location to carry out a variety of marketing campaign techniques.

YouTube – How to Build a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Powerful Tips for Facebook Marketing


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